Thursday, February 09, 2006

Yes, I'm okay.

I'm a bit sore like I've done a long hard weekend of gardening; and I've got a few cuts on my knees and fun-looking bruises, mostly on my fleshy bits (upper thighs, belly.) I was going to post a photo - using the camera since now both our new phones are busted. Frickin' Panasonic. Don't buy Panasonic mobile phones, don't even accept them if they're free - but I couldn't get a good view that didn't also get a lot of me in the picture.

My helmet and glasses came off, but it only took me a few moments of wandering around after I'd clambered off the lady's bonnet to realise what was wrong with the view and find my glasses, so I figure I'm okay.

The big contusions are slowly moving with gravity, and since I've been mostly sitting on my arse for the last two days, they have now joined and spread rearward to cover an area larger than my hand. Fun.

There are still clearly visible triangular marks in the middle of the bruises, though. I can't remember what part of the front of the lady's car I hit. The hematomas are a nice share of maroon, just in time for the start of the Super 14s.

Oh, yeah... and my suspected broken hand turned out not to be.



Syme said...

I've been hit by a car.

It hurt.


There are parts of my face that don't have facial hair because of the scarring.

Or they are my nose...I'll it's scarring.

I remember very clearly that I had enough time when I was flying through the air, about to face plant on some concrete steps, to think "this is really going to hurt".

"Always the emotion the future is." This premontion was right.

You have my sympathy.

...and quietly behind my hand I'll cough "karma".

Jimbo said...

Yep, 18 years later karma finally gets me.

Luckily, for all accidents I've been in, I've been inside or (now) on top of a vehicle. Never as a pedestrian.

I never win at this game.

Syme said...

Dude, Pact With Satan.

Ultimate Credit card.

I mean...I wasn't going to get attached to my first kid anyway....