Saturday, February 11, 2006

Global Flyer Update 9 - They're going for it

8.26pm AEST. They've passed the point of no return and they're going for it.

The updates on the website seem to have now reverted back to older messages, saying the PNR (point of no return) will be W40. Well, they've passed that now (they're at W38, N51 now at 8.40pm) and they're still going.

The website says that the scheduled 'landfall' over Ireland is at 1700 UTC (3.00am) and landing at Kent Airport (which is at 1.33 degrees east, by the way) at 1900 UTC (5.00am), so I've written all this crap and I won't even see the end, unless the news does a story on it tomorrow. Do you think they will?

Again, I say, I don't know why I love these things.


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