Sunday, February 19, 2006

And the winner is Syd-en-ee

30,377 people saw Sydney beat Adelaide 2-1 to go through to the final 4-3 on aggregate. I bet the FFA are pleased. A record crowd this week and then a chance to beat it again in a fortnight for the final. Hindmarsh Stadium in Adelaide only has a capacity of 16,500, even Central Coast's ground is bigger than that.

The game itself? Meh... Lots of long balls in, lots of defenders hacking balls away.

To anywhere.

Sydney seemed to have the best of it, scoring once, until Adelaide equalised, and then Sydney got rattled. But as their defence got on the end of everything that counted, they got it together enough to score again and hold out until the end.

All in all, it was a grind. Adelaide fans now know how Queensland fans have felt all season. All those shots on goal and bugger-all to show for it.

But will I change my prediction of Adelaide to win the championship? Yes.

I said previously who could tip against Adelaide? Well I could. Obviously Sydney have what it takes to grind them down and win; and Central Coast are looking good.

And what was Super-tool John Kosmina going on at Littbarski about after the match?

>>>I don't like white football boots. It makes players look like they're wearing sandshoes kicking a football around in the park.

>>>73,043 people saw the four semi-final games so far.


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