Sunday, January 29, 2006

Queensland Roar, Queensland Roar. Next year, we'll be in The Four

Well, Sydney didn't lose, so that means the Queensland Roar can't make the final four in the A-League. Despite what I said the other night, it was not best for us if Perth lost to Sydney. But, I did pick Sydney; and with my New Zealand pick, I got one and a half out of three.

But 'twas no good, alas, in the scheme of things; we can't make the finals and I'm not in any tipping contests. The Queensland Roar are now on 27 points, with the current third and fourth teams (Central Coast and Newcastle) on 31. There are three points for a win. Sydney are now on 33 and Adelaide is way out there on 43. Worthless Adelaide, I hate them so much, etc.

Still, that takes the pressure off for the final home game of the season. And the pressure will be off for Central Coast, too, so hopefully they will relax and we can trounce them, too...

And the stuff I said previously about the best 11 for the Roar still stands, if we can keep what we've got and work on it, we'll be right. I realise we'd rarely ever have that actual eleven on the field at one time. Only two out of three of the strikers, Osvaldo Carro somewhere in there in the middle and Remo at the back.

>>>As for the finals, I'd be supporting Newcastle and Central Coast over Adelaide and Sydney. If it came down to either of the first group or either of the second group playing each other, I'd have to see what 'my heart felt' during the game. By that I mean, sometimes I tell myself that I don't care who wins, but when I'm watching the game, I'm like 'yeah, it'd be good for Wests, first time merged and all; but I'd really prefer North Queensland'.

I'm not sure who plays who in the semis (e.g., first v fourth, etc.) because, out of SBS, the A-League and ABC websites, only the ABC lists the semis - the rest just stop at round 21. And the ABC only says "To Be Decided v To Be Decided" at "Venue Unknown". But they do say that the semi-finals are a full two-legged away-goals-rule fixture, and y'know, I'm not sure who I'd chose out of Sydney v Adelaide in that situation. Adelaide can obviously beat anyone and everyone anyday, but Sydney can't be written off. And over 180 minutes plus of football, it'd be interesting.

If Central Coast played Newcastle, it would be a ripper of a home derby. You might actually get that thing common in overseas football games of being able to tell when the away-team scores a goal because you can hear people cheering. Instead of the deathly quiet we get now because there only ever seem to be 20 away fans at any game.

But in the end, who could tip against Adelaide? They will end the season somewhere between 7 and 12 points clear at the top of the table, depending on next weekend's results, and they were the best team in the league all year. Shame their coach is a tool.


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