Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Happiness will prevail!

I'm glad you're happy! I'm happy you're glad!

Doctor Who is getting really stupid now. And cheap.

But, gee, it's big dumb fun. You do have to sit through a bit of crap to get to some of the really interesting stuff, like the unlikely deep philosphical discussion the Doctor had while distracting a guard in a recent episode and the two old guys in The Happiness Patrol.

Speaking of THP, if they put the last Doctor on trial for interfering with stuff, gee they've got Sylvester dead to rights for what he did this time.

I've been away for work and I was in an ABC Shop today. I saw the TARDIS-shaped box set of the new episodes. $150, are you kidding? Not even with travel allowance; I'm married.


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