Saturday, November 24, 2007

I'm happier now

I come not to praise Howard but to bury him. Never (ever) forget the Tampa, Children Overboard, Workchoices...

Some thoughts...

Kev-o-sev has a great speech writer.

The Australian economy is not Australian society.

Farewell Andrew Bartlett, I hope you keep blogging.

The Senate is a bit of a worry.


What's wrong with me?

Why can't I care only about myself? Why can't I be happy if John Howard wins? What do I care if Australia turns into a United States survival-of-the-richest society? After all, we bought our house in 1993 for $145,000 and I'm a gazetted ASO5 in the public service and Boycat's Mum has just won a permanent AO4 - we're pretty much set for life. I don't have to care about people other than my immediate family, so why do I?

Why do I give a crap about people that I don't know who don't have enough money, or education or a good enough job to earn the kind of money that I do? After all, when I run into these people at work they don't like me, so why can't I just say 'Fuck you people, I've got mine'?

[Yes, I've started drinking early. Why doesn't anyone have Don's Party on TV tonight? Did I mention I'm a pessimist? I usually say being a pessimist means you can't be disappointed, but you can be presently surprised. Why do I feel like I'm going to be very disappointed tomorrow?]


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Top Gun

Jeez guys, I know about Sleep with Me, my point was I've never really subjected myself to Top Gun before (not a fan of Tom Cruise, 80s rock or militaries blowing shit up). The issue is not how smart Tarantino was for seeing the subtext, it's about how could people not be talking about the homoerotic subtext (supertext?) from the day the movie was released, it's so bleedin' obvious.


Friday, November 02, 2007

Qld Roar, Qld Roar... uh, whatever

So the Roar won tonight. I'm now a member with my tickets to 5 of the next 6 home games. Watch them not win a home game for the rest of the season. Pessimist, me?

Matt Scolaro was almost right. When he left the Reunion last weekend with the Roar down 2-0 or 2-1 he said they would win 3-2. Well, they were 3-2 until the third minute of extra time... (it finished 3-3) so you can imagine that I was very nervous during extra-time this week. But we got the win thanks to a goal from Reinaldo.

Reinaldo scored, finally, because he didn't have time to think. Simon Lynch finally scored last week [his second goal, the first was a penalty] because, again, he didn't have time to think. Don't let these strikers think!

The A-League's slogan this year is "90 Minutes, 90 Emotions". Are they kidding? For a Queensland Roar supporter, there's just one emotion for the whole game. Fear. How will we fuck it up this week?

The Rosalie 1986 21year reunion was last week. I got to see quite a few people I hadn't seen for a while. Of course, I embarrassed myself by not recognising a lot of people. Of course, I never hung out with them at school, why should I remember them now? Luckily my Ambassador, Boycat's Mum was there - she introduced herself to people and got their names. (And all the Phoneman family goss.) Jeez, Javier Sanchez looks like he should be playing in Serie A. Paul looked well-rested, strangely. Avio is balding. Whimpy is just himself, but 20 years older. I'm babbling.


The worst sentence I've ever seen in a court decision

"The pettifogging casuistry exhibited by the defendants' arguments is to be deprecated."
See Paragraph 4.