Saturday, August 28, 2010

Manly 630

Manly 630
Groups of surfers
Bobbing in waves like seals.

I almost got hit by a speeding beemer.
Of light.
Fairy Bower houses in sun
Shining, glowing.

Want a coffee.
There must be a cafe around here somewhere.
Like there.
Or there.
Or there.

Beemer, Beemer. Merc, Merc.
Audi almost hit me.

South Steyne. North Steyne. Queenscliff.
X6 has no locking diff.

Garbage Day.
People Working.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

A League Finals

Here's the thing...

I'm a Brisbane Roar supporter, and no matter how dreadful they are, I will be one until the Roar go bust and there is a different Brisbane team in the comp; in which case I will support them (The Strikers ??? since it's unlikely to be Taringa Rovers). It's where I was born, grew up and, to all intents and purposes, live.

But I'm also a Queenslander and a supporter of the underdog. So, in the finals, I will be supporting the GC and Wellington... and if it finally comes down to Sydney and Melbourne (which, IMHO, they both deserve) I will be supporting Melbourne because I can't support a team wearing Sky Blue.

So this game meant nothing to me. I can't say was unhappy to see GC lose. Even if it means Sydney beat Melbourne next week and win the Premiership. Like it or not, Football (Soccer!) in Australia has a finals series and the winner of that is the winner.