Friday, February 27, 2009

Did you know...

that if you google "steve coogan being attacked by a crocodile" this blog comes up as the first entry? (A handy hint if you can't remember "Boycat's Dad".)

that I am listening to "Crescent" by Bitch Magnet right now?

that Boycat wants to be fed?

that Symo appears to have deleted his twitter profile?

that I'm now listening to "Soda Jerk" by Buffalo Tom.

that my broadband is getting flakier by the day?

that the song on my random windows media player is now "Blue Line" by Let's Active?

that I'm about to hit "Publish Post"?


Recent Tweets 2

wondering why I can't copy and paste recent entries from twitter...

# Thinking about the archway of aerodynamics,2:53 AM Feb 20th from web

# @peeboo Need more than that.2:52 AM Feb 20th from web

# In my drunken state; wondering if "Here Comes the Sun" isn't the best song ever written.2:23 AM Feb 20th from web

# ...arrest me for sedition for "Loudmouth Hothead", they're welcome to try.1:21 AM Feb 20th from web

# Realising that with a Twitter, Google, Blogspot, etc., account that it's hard to remain anonymous. Oh well, if the government wants to... 1:20 AM Feb 20th from web

Friday, February 20, 2009

Matthew Coley

Here's the recent story about Matthew Coley.


Under the iron bridge we kissed

yes, that was an 'omage.


More music more music more music

Here's something else I did last year. This has actual live guitar in it, rather than samples played on Hydrogen, although it has a lot of them, too. It's mostly another drum machine programming exercise.

102 bpm song


Recent Tweets

Jimbo is...

(Read in reverse order)

  1. In my drunken state; wondering if "Won't Get Fooled Again" isn't the best song ever written.
  2. Wondering why Victor J Kennedy is interested in me. I just watched the doco; I'm not bi-polar. Boycat's Mum ( my wife) is, though.
  3. Realising Rugby Union is not the same game that I played in high school 20 years ago.
  4. Wondering if anyone in Aus twitters from their phone. If so, how, and what does it cost as far as the phone company is concerned.
  5. wondering what @peeboo is working on at the moment.
  6. About to drive Boycat's Mum to the airport for her trip to Melbourne.
  7. Wondering if anyone else read the story on Matthew Coley in last Saturday's Courier Mail magazine.
  8. Watching the Stephen Fry Bipolar disorder doco.
  9. Watching American Idol.
  10. Reading Tony Bourdain's "Kitchen Confidential".
  11. crying at the death toll
  12. suppressing the urge to write "typing at the computer"
  13. eating baskin robbins ice cream
  14. watching series 2 of "intelligence"



So, have we abandoned our blogs in favour of twitter?


Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I'm on day 10 of 35 days long service leave.

Boycat's Mum's Mum has cancer.

We almost lost the dog a few months ago; he snapped his ACL and was quite miserable for a while. But he's lost a bit of weight now so his quality of life is better.

BobSpeaking gave me the latest (Early 2008) Bob Mould CD for Christmas, so I've been listening to Bob Mould for 40 days now. Gee, the drum machine on the hubcap album annoys me.

I saw Dirt and Carl and Frank and Lorenzo at Id's funeral a few weeks ago.

I'm watching the end of season 4 of Battlestar Galactica on theSci Fi channel, so my mate Dave from work doesn't have to download it for me.


Monday, February 09, 2009

Holy crap, I've joined twitter

I only did it to follow Charlie Brooker and Stephen Fry, but that "What are you doing now?" box at the top is so tempting.


Thursday, February 05, 2009

Vale Iain Clacher

For those who knew him, It is my sad duty to report that Id died last month.

I will never forget playing Interstellar Overdrive when he sat in with Slaughterhouse Joe. And who could forget the infamous "You're sacked" gig with Dirt and the Rebels?


American "Life on Mars"

He's not Sam Tyler. She's not Annie.