Sunday, July 22, 2007

Misc 070722

I just got broadband. Let's hope it just allows me to do what I used to do on dial-up, only faster. Sure, I've used 516 MB in the past 36 hours.

I got a spanky new phone - a Nokia N73 - with a 3.2 mpx camera and a 2GB music player. This probably isn't that exciting to those of you with your 1 terabyte iPods, but for me it's pretty cool. Oh, and it also make phone calls.


Minnesota Triplets 2 - UPDATED

The irony of being in a Hüsker Dü covers band is that we have to play the songs live as they are on the records, not like Hüsker Dü play them live.

Dirt keeps talking about some live recording where Bob only sings about five verses in Divide and Conquer (it's got about about 10)... but we have to do the whole lot.

Although not at practice last week with Woodduck, since I was singing. I just sang the same verses over and over, and I only managed to do about 5 verses in Divide...

Photos taken from a live video that I've got, live at the Camden Palace, circa 1985. (Note the reflection of my lounge-room light in every picture.)

[Holy crap, have you seen the photo of Bob on Wiki?]

Black Sheets of Rain?


Saturday, July 21, 2007

TARDIS shaped USB hub

firebox tardis usb hub

I searched Syme's blog (hey, the name hasn't changed now for weeks - what's goin' on?) and I didn't see a mention of this, which is strange because I go to Syme for all my TARDIS-related news.

The place that sells the USB hubs also sells little dongles that flash when your phone rings.


Friday, July 13, 2007

Australian Football - Let's face it, we're not very good

So, like the Americans, we can't beat Iraq, either.

Let's face it, for the entire World Cup, we were ahead for about five minutes - the last five minutes against Japan. Then we lost t o Brazil, came from behind to draw with Croatia and lost to Italy. In the Asian cup, we came from behind to draw against Bahrain and now we've lost to Iraq. Even with Vikuda, Kewell and Cahill on the park, we have to face the fact that we're not very good.


Minnesota Triplets

The Triplets are playing at the Zoo on October 13 (I think: whatever the Saturday is).

We've had one practice together, which was pretty good, considering we haven't played together for 7 years,and we haven't played these songs for longer than that. The line up is Dirt on vocals, the Alien on drums, Michael Woodrow is travelling from Melbourne to play bass. I'm playing guitar and Ross MacLennan is also playing guitar. Ross played bass at a practice two weeks ago at Red Star, 37 Brookes St, Bowen Hills.

We'll be there tomorrow - Saturday - from 10 til 2. I haven't worked out with Ross who will play what, but I don't really see the difference between a 4-piece Triplets and a 5-piece Triplets.


US Election 2008 - The contest I'd like to see

Ron Paul vs. Mike Gravel