Sunday, July 22, 2007

Minnesota Triplets 2 - UPDATED

The irony of being in a Hüsker Dü covers band is that we have to play the songs live as they are on the records, not like Hüsker Dü play them live.

Dirt keeps talking about some live recording where Bob only sings about five verses in Divide and Conquer (it's got about about 10)... but we have to do the whole lot.

Although not at practice last week with Woodduck, since I was singing. I just sang the same verses over and over, and I only managed to do about 5 verses in Divide...

Photos taken from a live video that I've got, live at the Camden Palace, circa 1985. (Note the reflection of my lounge-room light in every picture.)

[Holy crap, have you seen the photo of Bob on Wiki?]

Black Sheets of Rain?


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Syme said...

Bad day last week.
Picked up Wifey from work.
she gets in the car, recognises the music.

"'s Bob Mould bad. I didn't realise."