Sunday, February 07, 2010

A League Finals

Here's the thing...

I'm a Brisbane Roar supporter, and no matter how dreadful they are, I will be one until the Roar go bust and there is a different Brisbane team in the comp; in which case I will support them (The Strikers ??? since it's unlikely to be Taringa Rovers). It's where I was born, grew up and, to all intents and purposes, live.

But I'm also a Queenslander and a supporter of the underdog. So, in the finals, I will be supporting the GC and Wellington... and if it finally comes down to Sydney and Melbourne (which, IMHO, they both deserve) I will be supporting Melbourne because I can't support a team wearing Sky Blue.

So this game meant nothing to me. I can't say was unhappy to see GC lose. Even if it means Sydney beat Melbourne next week and win the Premiership. Like it or not, Football (Soccer!) in Australia has a finals series and the winner of that is the winner.

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