Saturday, November 24, 2007

What's wrong with me?

Why can't I care only about myself? Why can't I be happy if John Howard wins? What do I care if Australia turns into a United States survival-of-the-richest society? After all, we bought our house in 1993 for $145,000 and I'm a gazetted ASO5 in the public service and Boycat's Mum has just won a permanent AO4 - we're pretty much set for life. I don't have to care about people other than my immediate family, so why do I?

Why do I give a crap about people that I don't know who don't have enough money, or education or a good enough job to earn the kind of money that I do? After all, when I run into these people at work they don't like me, so why can't I just say 'Fuck you people, I've got mine'?

[Yes, I've started drinking early. Why doesn't anyone have Don's Party on TV tonight? Did I mention I'm a pessimist? I usually say being a pessimist means you can't be disappointed, but you can be presently surprised. Why do I feel like I'm going to be very disappointed tomorrow?]


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Peeboo said...

If your going to be upset, then there is going to be a riot at the national tally room. There was a round of applause when .5% of votes counted at Bennelong showed a swing o Labor.

Had breakfast this morning with a Uni Professor, a Music Journalist and a social worker. Don's Breakfast anyone?