Monday, January 09, 2006

Sometimes the Headlines rip off stories from Law and Order

There is an interesting story by Warren St. John from somewhere* (I've cut and pasted the article into a word doc, so I have no idea of the original source until I google it) about an author who survived being a male prostitute in West Virginia only to end up a junky in San Francisco with Aids.

Authors, publishers and celebrities offered the man help with his publishing career, as well as general support. He's written three books and at least one article for the New York Times.

Oh, yeah, and he doesn't seem to exist. Photos of him look suspiciously like the half-sister of a member of the couple who 'rescued' him from the life when he was a teenager. His writing is suspiciously similar to some documents that the other member of the couple asked someone to type up and fax once.

Various authors, publishers and celebrities are now pissed off...

Neither of these are the article that I read, but here are pieces on the story from The Australian and The Washington Post

Disclaimer: None of this should be construed to suggest that Ms Albert and Mr Knoop ever killed anyone a la the L&O:CI episode.

*The New York Times


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