Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Psychic Battlefield (of crap)

I haven't said much about Doctor Who recently. There hasn't been much to say; it's sort of been the kind of TV that fans don't really want to draw any attention to.

The Psychic Circus, or whatever it was called, well... to quote Burt Reynolds talking about Fireball and Mudflap on The Simpsons, "It's... garbage."

Battlefield, too, is the biggest load of old tosh. And dragging the Brigadier back in for one last hurrah! isn't going to change that fact.

Bleedin' King Arthur again... Jeez, these English. How convenient, mistaking the Doctor for Merlin, "He has many guises..." oh, yeah? Convincing Mawdwyn of the same... "Er, yeah, I see: it's Merlin," says he, not wanting to be laughed at next term when word got back to Hogworts.

This is the one where Ace almost drowns in a tube. I remember this one. Didn't Sophie Aldred almost die or something?

Still, I'm only at the end of episode two. It might get better.



Syme said...

Mr Know it all says:
The Brigadier returns after a six year absence to Doctor Who, with Nicholas Courtney reprising the role and also Angela Douglas taking the long-mentioned role of his sweetheart (now wife) Doris. Jean Marsh, who played Sara Kingdom many years prior in "The Daleks' Master Plan," plays Morgaine here. At various time, the script called for the Brigadier's death and his promotion to General. Sophie Aldred was injured during the production of this story, as Sophie Aldred was in a water tank which then cracked and emptied onto the floor; part of the sequence was used (when Ace becomes trapped in the water tank) and the rest used in a studio safety video used within the BBC. The working titles for this story were "Nightfall" and "Storm over Avallion" (possibly a misprint of "Avalon" or a way to keep the story's workings hidden). The story was composed originally for the 25th season and as a three-part story, expanded to four episodes for this year. A rumor that incidental music was supposed to be composed by rock band Hawkwind was never true. Director Nicholas Mallett was originally signed but had to pull out when recording dates were swapped due to Courtney's schedule; Michael Kerrigan took up the mantle. Robert Jezek (Zbrigniev) later returned to Doctor Who in the Big Finish audios, playing several roles including Brigadier Dashwood and Frobisher. This story featured the last-ever glimpse of the TARDIS interior as seen in the series, with a short, darkened scene over the TARDIS console using one wall and a console segment as well as McCoy and Aldred.

Syme said...

...but at this stage the show is pretty much like watching a friend die slowly from cancer - you just want the suffereing to end.

Peeboo said...

Pehaps when its finished the ABC can start playing Worzel Gummidge or Catweazle.

Ahh Catweazle, theres a Dr Who connection there too.

Peeboo said...
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