Sunday, February 05, 2006

Queensland Roar, Queensland Roar, I ain't gonna do this rhyming thing no more.

Originally posted on Saturday, February 04, 2006, but something is very wrong with blogger.

Well there you go, the end of the season for the Qld Roar. 2-2, one man down for a lot of the game, against third or fourth-placed Central Coast. Two wins and a draw with an aggregate of 9-3 in the last three games against the teams that ended up second through fourth... not bad at all.

Miron might just keep his job after all -- even though we didn't reach the mythical 30 points he's been going on about -- but will we keep the team together?

Because I hear that Baird is going to play in the Romanian slave league. Now, when I first read about this, I thought Baird's transfer was just a temporary thing to cover the big gap between now and the new A-League season next September; but SBS says it's for four years and the Fox commentators were talking like it was goodbye to the Roar for one of our best goal-scorers. And there's always that chance that Brosque will be leaving...

We ended up with a good team there, we don't want to lose it now that we've found some strikers (even though the two above have been there since the beginning.) Reinaldo doesn't seem to achieve a lot but it seems that something happens just by him being there. And... and the fact that I can't name another striker says it all, I think. I'm not saying we don't have loads of great attacking mid-fielders, but we have no strikers to spare.

Let's see now, if Newcastle win in the final regular season game tomorrow, we'll end up in fifth place four points behind fourth. But if Perth win, we would only be three points behind fourth, but we'd be in sixth. A draw would be the same as a win for Newcastle. I think I'll go for one of them, because fifth is better than sixth.

>>>And should Miron keep his job? Well, on the one hand, we don't sack our coaches that often here in Brisbane. Unless it's the Qld Reds. And he did manage to get a dangerous team together, but it was a little too late. But then again, he was the one who reminded everyone of the 30 point target and we did end up with only 28. Give him another go and let's review it next November.


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