Thursday, February 09, 2006

Flap those wings, Steve

I gotta admit that I'm a sucker for things like Steve Fossett and Richard Branson's latest world record attempt. 80 hours in a plane; lots of will-he-make-it, won't-he-make-it moments... And I especially love it when I can follow it easily because the Virgin Global Flyer's website has a frequently updated map tracking where the plane is. I love maps.

Hey, I'm off work until next Monday, this will be perfect: cable news coverage (because we all know they love something like this, too - three and a half days of being able to fill airtime with just some dot in the sky or glitchy video) supplemented with the net.

He's just crossed the zero-degrees line, whatever that's called. Y'know, the line where you go from some number of degrees west to zero east, due south of Greenwich U.K.

Only 360 degrees to go, give or take.


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