Friday, February 10, 2006

'Dacking' proudly re-enters the language... or does it?

I was going to write a short post about how good it was that the word 'dacking' had re-entered the language and was being used as a normal word. (And possibly how sports reporters get a lot more leeway than real journalists.) The Sky News sports report on the Sydney Swans high school dacking incident (see links below) used the word twice in three sentences without explaining what it meant or using any different vocal stress, and there are no apostrophes around the word (as in my subject line and first sentence) on the Sky News Active sports screen.

But then I looked on Google News - gee, I wonder if people will be able to find that if I don't provide a link? - and there are several stories from News Corp papers. The stories 10 hours ago don't have apostrophes but the one two hours ago does.

And the Adelaide Advertiser not only uses apostrophes in the headline and story, they use the phrase "pulling a teammate's pants down" more than dacking. Wimps.

So, I'm not sure if the word has proudly re-entered the language or if news editors have had a rethink this morning and have decided that we are not yet ready.


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