Sunday, February 26, 2006

Take that, you tool

Yahoo! Adelaide are out of the A-League. It's not that I don't like the team, only their coach. But I've always been partial to the underdog, so I was going for the Central Coast anyway.

The Coast won 1-0. I won't try to describe the game this week, because I'm sick of that and there will be plenty of articles about it. Pondeljak scored in the 7th minute and then the game was a lot of attack and a lot of defence.

The crowd continued Adelaide's record of abysmal efforts, only 11,400-odd. The final was always going to sell well, but I'm sure everyone's happy that, with Sydney v Gosford, they can play up the local "rivalry" (hang on, I thought the Coast and Newcastle were rivals due to that broken leg thing...) and the Mariners' fans seem to be good travellers anyway.


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