Friday, March 03, 2006

Some Thoughts

It's three weeks into the Super 14, and Queensland haven't won a game. Is the season over? Well they won't make the four, but if that was the sole criterion on whether or not the season was over, then the season was over before the start of the first game.

I hear that people are saying (there's some thin sourcing for you) that they could've sold out the A-League grand final twice over. Be that as it may, I was so pleased to read that people were scalping tickets on eBay. You know you've arrived when they're scalping your tickets on eBay.

Isn't it great how the British are still managing to keep the great old tradition of the 'heist' alive and kicking? Not boring old smash and grab robberies, but full-on intricately planned heists.

Here's something for your diaries, (ha!) March 7 - 20, the Australian Baseball Team are playing in the World Baseball Classic, baseball's attempt at a world competition, styled on the World Cup.


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