Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sunday Morning

It looks like the Queensland Reds might not be the worst rugby union Super 14 team in Australia.

Devo re-record their songs to be sung by kids. The jerky 'new wave' rhythms are great for kids to jump up and down to, apparently. Watch out for kids singing Go-Gos songs; coming soon.

In round one of the Queensland Cup rugby league competition, the Souths Logan Magpies give it a red hot go, but lose as usual.

Someone's finally printed a map of where the Wolffdene dam was supposed to go. I've been looking for info on this since I moved to Logan. I was only talking about it a couple of weeks ago with a person who was looking for land in the '80s. She was telling me that every map of land in the area had a big warning on it about the dam. (The dam wall is pretty much where I guessed it would be.)

And Australia lost all three group games and is out of the World Baseball Classic.

Oh, yeah, and I forgot to say- we bought a new DVD recorder yesterday. Same brand as the last one; all our old discs seem to work okay. The last one worked for 2 years and 11 days. It cost $1000. The new one cost $329, and it's better. It's weird though, our last one was in the '50' series - you know, model number DMR50a or something like that - the new one is in the '10' series. The 50s still exist, but they're the 200Mb hard drive jobbies. So it's like the average unit in the cheaper model of recorder is now better than the 2nd best model in the more expensive series was two years ago. (There was an 80Meg HD version out when we bought our HD-less version. That's why it was on special.)


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