Saturday, March 18, 2006

Saturday Evening

>>>>Happy Birthday to Boycat's Aunt.

>>>>My Bombay Express correspondent reports seeing some of the formerly-G.C.-Bulletin-reading commuters now reading the new tabloid Courier Mail on the train in the mornings.

We get the paper home delivered (I figure that since I already spend hours online collecting overseas news, should let the local stuff come to me) and it's been harder to get my chance to read the paper since it got rid of all the separate sections. Once I get my hands on it, though, it is easier to read; mostly because you don't have to keep track of whether or not you've read all the separate sections.

>>>>The Souths Logan Magpies are almost ready to go out and lose to the North Queensland Young Guns in the Qld Cup.

>>>>Surprise, surprise. Alan Moore apparently doesn't like the movie of V for Vendetta either.

>>>>More on JT Leroy.


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