Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Travel stuff

I was travelling on Tuesday, doing the usual "It's bloody 4am, bloody daylight-savings, early flight" thing. Here's some things...

Brisbane airport doesn't think birds are animals, judging from its 'No animals or birds' signs.

Airport Security (you know, the metal detector, put your bags on the belt, walk through the archway people) told me to take a cigarette lighter out of my carry-on bag and put it in my pocket. After I'd passed security. They didn't take it away from me, they didn't say I couldn't have it. After I got through security, I walked around the corner and put it back in my bag.

We flew on JetStar's flying pizza - a plane totally decked-out (apart from the tail) with an ad for Domino's puff pastry pizza. There were ads on all the seat backs and a lot of the overhead lockers.

It looks like the Green Leaf party (who support legalising it) didn't win a seat in the Israeli Knesset, as was suggested in an article I read the other day.

I read an article — I've tried but I can't find it online — talking about how the usefulness of the green belt that stretches from (at least) southern Brisbane to Flinders Peak is in jeopardy, due to current and proposed subdivisions around Camira and the Larapinta Motorway Business Park. Well, I saw the latter from the air yesterday and it really is a massive scar on the landscape.


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