Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Police brutality on Brisbane train


Three Queensland police officers brutalised a teenage girl on a Brisbane train and on Beenleigh station, according to witnesses.

It has been alledged that the three officers boarded a Brisbane to Beenleigh train at Woodridge station at approximately 1.50pm on March 8 and began checking passenger tickets.

They moved forward towards the front of the train.

Try to "break your thumb off"

A witness descibed the events which followed after the train arrived at Beenleigh: "I got off the train and was on the platform and then this screaming starts from the front carriage where the cops were."

"They dragged this young girl off the train and started dragging her down the ramp. She was crying and screaming and basically begging with them to stop hurting her."

"They had her in some kind of 'twist your arm, squeeze your hand and try to break your thumb off' hold. One cop on each side. It looked really cruel."

"When they dragged her past me her hands were really white, like they'd squeezed all the blood out. It looked like they'd rotated her wrists around, like, 360 degrees."

"It was traumatic. Her friend was in tears."

Missing persons

The arrested girl was travelling with a female companion.

"We're missing persons" she said.

It is understood that both girls had been reported missing after running away from their foster homes.

"I was right there beside them [on the train]," another witness reported, "She didn't do anything. It's police brutality."

"They'd believe the foster parents over the girl? Who knows what goes on in foster houses?"

"I'm going right now to make a complaint to my local member."

It is understood that a complaint has already been made to the Crime and Misconduct Commission over the matter.

Queensland Police were not contacted for comment.


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