Sunday, February 05, 2006

Blogger ate my homework

I posted three posts yesterday that all disappeared after they'd gone on line. (And one at the other place. The re-post seems to have stuck for that one, but I'm afraid to hit refresh.)

The blog ate my homework... honestly!

Luckily, for the last post, there was a copy cached in my browser so I could re-do it, but the other two appear gone. And they all appeared online, so it's not like they all got lost when I hit 'post' and were never there at all.

Of the two posts that I couldn't reconstruct, one was about Courtney "I Killed Kurt" Love getting out of home detention. I thought the other was about the Rocket Racing League, but I see that post is still down there.

LATER: After a little bit of googling, I discovered that it affected everyone, you know, even blogs that people read.


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