Saturday, February 04, 2006

Today, we are offering half-price on all broken items...

One of the reasons I went into such detail with my wasteful consumer-lifestyle updates previously was, of course, something that I forgot to write about at the time. I'm not sure if it's interesting enough to actually write about now, but hey, it's my blog, etc.

Way back in the history of time when I was a lad -- you know you're getting old when you start to make jokes like that, by the way -- a friend and I once recorded a sound-piece (it certainly wasn't a song) and we got someone else to do some vocals over the piece. This person either was working or had recently finished working as a pleb at a store like Target. Anyway, over this soundscape-thingy he launched into this great ad-lib like he was doing an announcement over the store P.A. and it began with something about offering "half-price on all broken items".

I still remember that bit, and it often floats into my head. Dealing with the girls at the return counter was one of those times.


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