Thursday, February 16, 2006

Marc Ecko ain't getting up at all

Jeez, you patronising morons, it's just a game. And it's available over the internet anyway.

And when it comes down to it, fat little X-Boxing kiddies are unlikely to do anything that requires physical effort.

UPDATE - I just don't see what would be wrong with kids going out and doing this.



Syme said...

Jet Set Radio Future did it first, and did it better.

i ought it or $5 in a pawn shop in alice springs (cheap beacuse it didn't have a cover.)

The game looks good and it sounds good.

You get to design 5 different graffiti types of your own (there are manyon the game itself) and spray Tokyo to death.

Personally I have 5 designs that are just large black squares that say "post no bills" in the bottom right hand corner.

I think it's funny.

I have never actually gone out to become "the Banksy of Darwin" because of the game.

Jimbo said...

Exactly. I mean, if you went out spraying graffiti all the time, when would you actually have time to play the video game?

Syme said...

I remember after i learnt to program in Quake c++ and make my own levels - and soon after I killed all those people.

Or how about the spate of "Bite attacks" after Pac Man became popular?

I'm playing Fable at the moment - but I haven't felt the need to go and do good deeds for anyone.

It's all so stupid - studies show that people with violent tendancies actually become CALMER after playing video games.

Kids don't become grafitti artists because they know how to hold down the left joystick while pressing the green button and the right trigger.

...and Graffiti has been around since..what the roman times? Cave paintings?

We'll blame video games for killing the dinosaurs next.
(now there's an idea for a game)

Jimbo said...

Ahhh, yes, the bite attacks. I had totally forgotten about them.

video killed the dineosaur...