Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Whatever I have is yours, but it's not much

Today's only mention in the paper was in a downloads column with links to things Go-Betweens fans have probably already got:

A site with links to snippets of songs, plus the video for Here Comes A City.

A site with the video for Bye Bye Pride

And from Google News:

Funeral for Go-Betweens frontman.
I assume this will be in the paper tomorrow. [It was, but in a cut-down version in a newsbriefs column.]

NME story about Forster's reaction to tributes on (Although the article actually links to, which is a different site altogether.)

Found in a post on

Photos from an instore performance 12 May, 2005. (In fact, for those with no time to search, here's a link to the page for the flikr tag for 'gobetweens'.)

"I can't believe it. He was very sweet and generous to me when I asked to paint him." - Anne Wallace.

And where are those paintings now?

Finally: "The Go-Betweens' success was a source of great pride for Brisbane-ites." - from a post on the Go-Betweens messageboard by Robyn E. How true. Remember, this band started when the joke "What's the difference between Brisbane and yoghurt? There's culture in yoghurt" was still around. To quote Hüsker Dü: it's not funny anymore.

(Photo at the top by borolad259; stolen from flikr.)



Peeboo said...

Ive been on the board for about 6?years now.Know it well.

Funeral Friday.

Cant make it.

Al I need to do now is to tape rage (they should have something).

Jimbo said...

I'm sure you know it well, just wasn't sure if you'd had time to read it since Saturday.

Steve Kilbey's got a blog and he's rambled about GW for three days now:

a teenage rasputin takes a sting from a gin

you can sing that everything takes forever

wouldnt ya know it, thats how life ends...

God, it's even messier than the Taito Corporation.