Monday, May 08, 2006

I love Lee Remick, she's a darling

(Updated Tuesday PM)

I was going to predict, in my comments on another blog, that Richard Carleton's death was going to completely overshadow that of G.W. McLennan (but I figured that wasn't the place for cynicism.) But, unfortunately, on TV at least I was right - not a mention.

But not in the newspaper. Grant is honoured with page three with a colour photo (a different one than the one on the website; one of him and Forster). Richard Carleton gets page 5, in black and white (although if they had a picture of him lying on the ground dying, I'm sure Carleton would have been bumped up...)

And there is a comment/tribute piece "Brisbane arts scene loses its heart of gold"; but I can't find that online.

Also, the headline to the page three story in the paper is slightly different to the online version - "World-beating band founder dead at 48". The story is the same one that will probably have been printed in all News Ltd newspapers.

Google News has at least a couple of pages of articles, so I won't provide links to any apart from this and this.

UPDATE ~ TUESDAY: Here's the link to the "Heart of Gold" tribute.

Today there was a story about the funeral on page 5, two letters in the centre of the 'letters to the editor' section with a bold headline (neither of which were the ones on this page - use 'find' to find "McLennan" on the page*) and the original "Vale Grant McLennan" post and a couple of comments from Noel Mengel's blog.

Google News has loads of stories, probably most of them are the same UPI story- but what is interesting is the sort of publications it appears in, the LA Times, the Washington Post. Probably only on the web edition, with its unlimited space and not the print edition, but who cares. There's also a big story in Rolling Stone, with an interesting tid-bit about how the producer of 24 was a fan and wrote their names into the show.

Hey, were either of McLennan or Forster in Cow, or was that just Dave from Custard? Which one of them was in the Far Corporation with Ross MacLennan (of Dirt Petty and the Hideous Debacle)?

*Ironically, considering the letter about using Streets of Your Town for the newspaper's TV commercials, that commercial was just on as I typed this.



Peeboo said...

Thanks for the links, I saw their last gig in Brisbane and the last Gig in Sydney.

'The Story Of The Go-Betweens'at the Sydney festival was a fitting way to say goodbye.

Glad I was there.

Peeboo said...

Much more on the radio today. Sydney local ABC is havine a Gobies session after the Budget broadcasr and Vaga os having one on Friday night. I'm goin to keep an eye on Rage too.

Peeboo said...

Grant was in F.O.C.
None of them was in COW, but,
Members of COW where Roberts backing band on the 'Calling From A Country Phone' album.

Peeboo said...

Oh, the 24 thing had been discussed on th enews group when the series was being written. The writer/producer gave the fans a headsup.

Keep the googleing going. Works a pain and I have no time to do searches - thanks

Jimbo said...

The googling is kind of an after-thought; I'm looking for the online versions of the stories in the paper, but I often have to use G News to find them. And then I see everything else.

I'll keep it up if I can - my work is a pain - the Govt always introduces new things on 1 July, which makes this time of year pretty busy - but I'll make it a new post I think. Maybe titled "Whatever I have is yours and it's right here" ?

Boycat's Mum insisted it was one of the Gobies.

I'm keeping the articles from the paper, BTW.

Jimbo said...

Boycat's Mum insisted it was one of them in COW, I meant to say.