Friday, May 12, 2006

I went to school with the Mad Bomber!

My mother has passed on the word from my brother that, yes, I did go to the same school as Brisbane's mad bomber John Amundsen. He was in my brother's class. Another success for Marist Brothers' Rosalie! They don't just turn out bitter public servants. That'll give them something to talk about at the Old Boys' Dinner in a fortnight.

I was talking to a friend this evening - before I got the above news - and he said that Amundsen went to uni with his sister. He was a nutjob then, he's a nutjob now. Allegedly.

I'll wait to see if we find out the contents of the email threat he sent, but if he wasn't threatening to blow stuff up unless the government changed some policy or another, he's not a terrorist. He's just a mad bomber. Allegedly.



Syme said...

Man Rosalie has turned out some nutter butters.

let's not forget "free marijuana Quinlan".

And the guy from my grade who had a psycotic breakdown.

and...y' James.

Jimbo said...

Not bad for a school so small they want to close it.

Peeboo said...

Rosa was like the 'John West' private school for boys.

do I need to explain that?

Anonymous said...

John Amundsen left Marist Brothers Rosalie in grade 7 ( in those days they had a grade 4 - 7) and then went to Gregory Terrace for Grades 8 - 12 (1979 - 1983)