Friday, May 12, 2006

And in the sky a rain of falling cinders

More GW stories:

The Australian Senate remembers GW.
See page 19 (of 139) of this .pdf file of Hansard.

89.3 KCUR-FM in Kansas City will have a two-hour tribute show on Saturday (U.S. time). There's a link to listen live from the KCUR homepage.

Obituary/Tribute in the U.K Herald.

Story from the SMH about the tributes received.

And a story about the TV coverage of the rescue of the miners that includes complaints similar to my first words on the GW subject:
"The coverage given to Carleton was far greater than that afforded another heart-attack victim from the weekend - Australian musician Grant McLennan, formerly of the band the Go-Betweens ... I, for one, have been touched much more by McLennan's music than Carleton's reporting."


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