Friday, January 25, 2008

Qld Roar, Qld Roar...

Currently, we're at 80 minutes in the first leg of the semi; it's nil-all. But...

Griffin McMaster is pretty good. I hope we keep him as back-up to Liam Reddy next year. Of course, I haven't seen Matt Ham play, since he's been injured since July.

It will be a real shame if we lose Sasa Ognenovski to Adelaide in the off-season. Our defence looks pretty solid with Moore and Sasa, with Danny "Surely none of these cameras will see if I thump this guy in the head" Tiatto in the mid-field.

Full-time; 0-0. We've got to win at home in two weeks, otherwise we're out. But no matter what happens, it's our Best. Season. Ever.


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