Friday, January 18, 2008

How rude are you to telemarketers?

It's a bit of a weird situation. We have a silent phone number (for which we've never been charged the $3 a month, by the way) but we still get a couple of telemarketers who have our phone number - thanks, I think, to my mum who gave my number to "trendwest" who have since changed their name to something else.

They're just about the only people who call us on our landline. Well, I think it's them - someone has been calling us several times a day for the past fortnight at least - we pick up the phone and there is a very long silence and then - if we wait long enough - someone for whom English is not their first language asks for one of us. I won't say my surname* but it has a couple of Es in it, which they stretch out.

Anyway, I'm reasonably polite to these guys, since they're making $1 an hour in Bangalore... I just found myself saying "Anyway, I'm not interested, thanks for calling, bye."

How polite are you?

*I'm still pretending that I'm untraceable, although my blogger nickname and my flikr logon and all of the hints spread throughout this thing mean anyone could find me... since this blog has a post that links back to my old blog which is technically illegal under Australia's sedition laws.



Syme said...

polite - but scary

"are you calling from Australia?"
if they then lie to me it's on.

"because I'm registered with the Australian Direct Marketing association on a do not call list. So if you are in fact calling from (where ever they said) then (what ever the product/company is) is now breaking the law, and I may prosecute."

They then apologise and I get red flagged in their system.

Peeboo said...

If they are calling for a Mr. Evans-Booth or a Mrs. Booth, then they don't really want to talk to us.

Syme said...

I call you "Mr Suzanne"