Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fascinating New Thing

So I got out of the shower at about 7.50 this morning. As I was getting dressed, I could hear Sky News coming from the lounge room (I was a few minutes behind 'live to air') and they're talking in those tones where you know there's breaking news and somebody has died. They're talking about some role from some movie, and it sounded like they were talking about "Brokeback Mountain". So... someone from Brokeback Mountain is dead. Please please please, tell me it's not Jake.

I wasn't that big a fan of Heath Ledger. I did like his 'couldn't give a shit' attitude. I will be very interested in seeing "The Dark Knight". But I haven't seen a lot of the films they've been talking about all day; I kinda saw "Brokeback Mountain", in that I was in and out of the room as Boycat's Mum watched it.

But I really liked "10 Things I Hate About You". I'm a sucker for a remade Shakespeare film. The title of this post is a reference to the Semisonic song ("f.n.t.") that plays during the paintball scene in that movie.


I've been thinking about time. When did Neil Armstrong land on the Moon? The Americans say one thing, we say another. When an Australian dies overseas, when do they die? New York time or Perth time?

At least September 11 happened on September 11, unless you were in New Zealand.


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