Friday, August 03, 2007

We've got new computers at work...

they have a DVD drive/CD burner, so I can finally access the DVD Syme sent me, thanks man.

I have some of these albums (some of the Beatles) but not a lot. Groovy.

You are truly Lennon Bell.

[Where does the live Wilburys stuff come from? "My Back Pages" is basically the Byrds version, with Roger (Jim) McGuinn singing.]


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Syme said...

I'm not sure you know, I got a heap of it from a "the complete George Harrison catalog" torrent.

And if you're going Wilbry - some Tom Petty songs are basically "WIlbry plus Ringo"...

I'm guessing you didn't have that Eels stuff either? No sane person should - but there are al ot of Eels songs about mental institutions - so that kind of makes sense. Have a listen to Electro Shock Blues - it's a great album - especially "Climbing to the Moon" that's got a 10,000 play count on the Symo Pod.

(If I'd realised you didn't have dvd burner I would have done cds - sorry 'bout that)