Thursday, August 09, 2007

Dr Who: Reply

Family of Blood hasn't been on free to air yet. (Can you send me instructions on torrents? Although I only have 2GB per month, so torrents are probably out for me.) But Syme, I think you're right with the comments about the big red reset button - I think that's a problem with the 45 minute format, there isn't enough time to develop any depth before it's time to "solve" whatever problem it is.

Even though late-period "classic" Doctor Who was pretty much always four episodes with a very strict structure -- 1. What the hell's going on? 2. That's what's going on. 3. The companion gets taken hostage 4. Resolution -- at least 88 minutes was sufficient for some depth. 45 minutes is just not enough, so two-parters are always welcome. Although, as I mentioned, I hate the Dalek stories. I don't want individuality, don't want love; I just want EXTERMINATE!

Re the Doctor's companion. We're always going to get a modern person because the companion is supposed to be the viewer's "entry" into the story because they're supposibly someone like us.

My fave "companion" of the revived series so far is Mickey Smith; and not just because I saw Kidulthood last week. I wasn't too big a fan of Rose per se, but at least those stories had some depth mostly because we got some feeling for the people left behind. And what it's like to be the tin dog.

Wiki still says Catherine Tate is to be the companion for next year, based on a July BBC article. They say the BBC has "announced" it. The entire article gives me the idea that a lot of other people didn't particularly like Martha either.

BTW - Channel 10 didn't have Torchwood on this week and it isn't on next week either - a repeat Law and Order: SVU is on instead. WTF? [Later: It's on Tuesday nights at midnight.]


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