Sunday, August 05, 2007

Doctor Who - 2007 series

Syme, when you gave the latest series of Doctor Who a 3, what was that out of? 5 or 10 or 100?

Those of us watching on free to air are up to the Lazarus Experiment. I've got to say, I'm either not warming to Martha Jones or I'm missing Rose. (Or maybe the stories are just crap. For example, I've not been too impressed with any of the Dalek stories in the past three years up to now apart from the battle of Canary Wharf one. And Shakespeare and a knock-off of the Fifth Element, please.)

Actually, it's not Rose I'm missing so much as Mickey Smith. I kind of like it when the Doctor's companions don't really like him. Which is why I'm interested in Catherine Tate coming back as the companion next year. Am I bovvered? Are you disrespecting me?

I might like Martha in Torchwood, too. Two of the Doctor's old companions together would be interesting. Who would Martha have her obligatory Torchwood lesbian kiss with, though?


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Syme said...

out of 5.
It had some occasional moments - the Family of Blood two parter had some great moments in it - powerful acting - but by and large I felt the whole season was a bit "meh.". They are seriously killing the Daleks. I think they are trying to do an original Daleks story - but it's the fucking Daleks - I don't want to see them discover love.

I don't miss rose - I miss that her character had some dimension. Martha Jones was studying to be a Doctor - how nice. That was where they left her - and nothing got developed. But why have a chick from 2007 anyway? we've got the whole of Time and Space to choose from. The second Dr had a Jacobite and a girl from the future at the same time, lets get out there. I spent the whole serious waiting for Jack - who's treated like far more of a contemporary by the Dr now.

The solutions to problems are getting a bit - "Oh wait on - heres the big red reset button!" and that annoys the crap out of me.

I think Catherine Tate was just a rumor - sorry.
We do have Kylie Minogue in the Christmas special though - yay.
phew! - I'm getting ranty.