Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Apparently, I didn't go to school with the mad bomber

According to an anonymous commenter - and why shouldn't I believe them, this is the internet and I believe everything I read - John Amundsen was only at Rosalie for Grades 4-7, then he went to Terrace in 1979. So I didn't go to school with him, I only went to the same school as him. (Although if you want to argue that the Primary and Secondary sections were different schools, then I didn't even do that.)

It's weird getting comments on a posting from May 2006 - and no, I don't compulsively check all of the comments from old posts, I get an email - my article must come up on Google or something.

Speaking of Google, a blog post of mine was second top when you searched for "Minnesota Triplets" recently. (Someone from Minnesota who had triplets was first). Now we're second, because the news.com.au entertainment guide page (listing the Zoo gig) is now first. Take that, Patrick Smith, who didn't believe I was in a Hüsker Dü tribute band.


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