Friday, March 02, 2007

Well, I'm back...

From driving to Melbourne, with a 4-hour stopover (yesterday) in Sydney. Danny's well, if anyone's interested.

I took some photos, which I'll post if they turn out any good (it's hard to tell on the screen of a mobile or cheapie camera, so I'll have to download them to see.)

I feel like I'm ready for my liver to be made into foie gras, even though we didn't go out to eat all that often while we were down there. Although we did spend $299 for lunch for three, but that was at Fifteen Melbourne and I had some lovely pork with lentils, a nice pasta and a cheese platter. And most of a $50 bottle of wine - after sharing a $40 bottle - because I wasn't going to leave a single drop undrunk at those prices.

The trip was more for the benefit of Boycat's Mum's sister (it was her 35th birthday, the first since her separation) so I was a bit superfluous a lot of the time. Which was kind of okay, because I like catching trams and looking around but Boycat's Mum likes shopping.


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Syme said...

poor boycats'mum's sister.

Did you try puppets?

they cheer up EVERYBODY.