Sunday, March 11, 2007

I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I... [UPDATED]

Has anyone heard rumours about a Serenity 2? Apparently Summer Glau or someone was at a Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con in Brisbane, and she said something which fanboys have taken to indicate she's seen a script for Serenity 2.

See Comments - Syme seems to think that going back to Buffy is going forward. Ha.



Syme said...

ain't gonna happen.

Joss has enough on his plate - and if he re-did anything it would be a series of Buffy-verse tele movie things.
He's just quit wonder woman - and started doing a buffy season 8 in comic form.

He wouldn't step backwards - this isn't B5.

Syme said...

get shnippy when we comment on B5 doncha?

comics = forward
it's a new medium, he can do new stuff. His take is that he can do more and widen the scope because it's comics - not TV.

the Firefly movie didn't work at the box move on - doing a scaled down "the effects aren't quite right" version would be a step backwards.

especially if it was a "The Legend Continues" where they get 2 of the original cast to make a guest spot. That sort of thing is just awful.

let's face it - river's story is just done, wash is dead, Simon isn't wanted any more, Book is dead....a movie about fixing the hull plating wouldn't really gran me....Gina Torres just walking around in tight pants would be good for a TV movie maybe....

the wiki:
On October 1, 2006, Whedon posted a comment to the website, responding to a rumor that he was currently working on a sequel to Serenity. He wrote, "There's no sequel, no secret project regarding Serenity or somesuch and I'm not even sure how anyone thought there was talk there. I've seen Nathan and Tim (and Summer and Alan) recently because they're my friends because I'm so, yeah, awesome. So let's put that to bed and smother it with a pillow."

that's pretty fucking definitive.