Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I was going to do 'even more updated', but I figured, nah.

Thanks for the info, Syme. I saw the stuff about what someone said at a Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con somewhere on wiki, but I couldn't find it again.

I knew that Serenity didn't make its production costs back - but who knows, the DVD might sell well...

I agree, a new format could be considered to be going forward. And he has every right to return to Buffy, his most popular series; but, it's still going back. Forwards plus back equals?

I was going to ask what the B5 reference was about. Now there was a show that milked it way past its use-by date. (And you know what happens to milk past its use-by date.) It lost me when, after compressing the 5-year story into 4 years, it then tried to expand it back to 5 years. "I know let's do a couple of stories about characters that only the hard-core fans care about." Oh, and let's do a prequel movie where all of our characters miraculously turn up in the same place years before they knew each other...

Still, it's disappointing to only have about 13 episodes of Firefly to watch, when you know there could have been more. And River really only kicks ass in, what?, one episode and the movie? Shame.


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Syme said...

yeah - there is an element of returning to the old tried and true, but I think of it as Joss has been doing great stuff with the xmen - now hes ready to write his own stuff now hes learnt a new trade. There's no reason to think a TV show audience will follow to a comic book, so it's new....ish...except not.

there is another B5 movie comming out - I watched some of them - but there was .03 of the original cast left - and it just

the "getthe lead actress in lingerie for now apparent reason" scene in river of souls did me in - not even on 2$ movie day now.

All the good show die young. I'm off to watch the Tick now....