Sunday, June 25, 2006

Misc 060625

  • Boycat's Mum has a theory about something that causes cancer. Let's just say it involves the phrase "eating away at you".
  • The Schonell Theatre has closed. It lost its subsidy from the University Union. The Union claims it couldn't afford to fund the Schonell since the voluntary student union legislation cut the amount of funding they received.
  • Story on Al Jazeera - "Football on the up Down Under", about how soccer is gaining in profile because of the world cup. It describes the fact that here, football is "largely drawn up along state lines" - NRL in Qld and NSW, "while in the rest of the land" it's the "bizarre code" of AFL. Good to have an outsider's perspective.
  • Can Australia only play really well when they're behind? Apart from the last few minutes against Japan, they haven't been ahead.
  • The Souths-Logan Magpies won over Ipswich 44 - 34 in the Queensland Cup rugby league.
  • Who ate all the Bratwurst lists Neill and Viduka as subs in their 'team of the first round', with Guus as coach.

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