Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Misc 06.06.06

  • FREE GIG: For those of you in Syd-en-ee, there is a free King Pest gig this Saturday (10.06.06) at the St Petersburg Nightclub, 21 May St, St Peters. King Pest contains Carl from Slaughterhouse Joe and Gary from the Sanity Assassins. The Password is "nyet". (BYO Stollies)
  • Peeboo gets a camera credit in the new Dirt Petty DVD.
  • The Souths-Logan Magpies haven't been winning to often recently, leaving them in about 6th place.
  • In the Brisbane Premier League football, my old team, Taringa Rovers, is in 3rd place after a draw at Taringa on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Jimbo - That KING PEST gig is on Saturday 10th but has moved to THE KAURI HOTEL, GLEBE. Still free.

Peeboo said...

Goddam, Im updating my resume too.
How can I get a copy?

Jimbo said...

I've got one for you. Email me your address.