Monday, June 12, 2006

Here we go, here we go, here we go...

World Cup thoughts.

Cranberry sauce. (I'm very tired.)

I've watched all the games so far, apart from this morning's 5am game, most of them the next day. Some of them on x2 speed, because Boycat's Mum isn't that big a football fan. I've explained to her that there's only about a week and a half of three games a day and then it will settle down a little.

Other thoughts:
  • I don't like the main camera angle... well, it's more the framing I don't like. The angle is the standard camera-on-halfway angle, but the framing shows too much of the field - sideline to sideline - and it makes me feel a little disconnected from the action, it needs to be zoomed about 10%.
  • The second half of the England game was terrible. I'm so glad I stayed up until 1am for that.
  • Go Trinidad and Tobago! We'll forgive you for playing for the wrong team, Dwight.
  • The fourth German goal is the goal of the tournament so far, but I agree: the ball does move around a bit too much. No keeper should be able to hit the videoscreens like the England keeper did.
But what can I say? Nine hours to go until something I've waited my whole life to see. (I was alive, but too young in 1974.)

Photo by Skywalker1403, stolen from flickr.


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