Monday, December 19, 2005

Team America: World Police

I don't see too many new fillums any more. I haven't been to the cinema in yonks. We get two "Foxtel Box Office" movies per month (use 'em or lose 'em) included in our package, though. They're in the new window between the six-week video-store-only window and the premium-cable-movie-channel window. We've had trouble even watching them, however, because we often check the listings and think "do I really want to waste one of my two free movies on that?".

Well, when it's the 12th of the month and you only have two days - none of them a weekend day - to watch one more movie, suddenly it doesn't have to be a movie that we both will watch. And that movie was Team America: World Police...

But I still can't be buggered writing a review; it's been a lot of years since I sat down and did one of those. Instead, here are my notes:
Cairo bazaar like the cantina in Star Wars. Love the empath who only 'feels' the bleeding obvious. Of course, the 'Arabic' is standard South Park 'Arabic' - derka derka blukumlukumbluk mohammad jihad derka derka. World Police reminded me a lot of the South Park episode where Cartman was playing westerns with Clyde Frog - I was waiting for Salma Hayak to turn up "Oh no, my clothes have fallen off..." Kim Jong Il's panthers were awesome. Slavery, f**k yeah!
What's not to like about this film? It's a dead-on parody of a blockbuster, by which I mean every piece of overwrought music, every "I value you as a friend" was exactly what would be in a live-action taking-itself-seriously version of Team America. The puppet sex and the standard Matt and Trey gay jokes probably wouldn't be.

But try watching any other "patriotic" movie now and not have some part of it jump into your head. We watched Air Force One yesterday. Well, I played Solitaire on the computer while Boycat's mum watched it, and I swear there were several times where the only appropriate thing to do was to launch into a verse of "America, F**k Yeah!"


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