Friday, April 20, 2007

No, the cheese was not by mail

That was pretty much the reason I went to the valley today, to buy some taleggio from "Black Pearl Epicure" (and to do something interesting on this most glorious of days). What they sold me - artavaggio - is actually more of a robiola lombardia. It actually looks pretty much like this picture, stolen from the "Australia on a Plate" website (since it's the same brand as the one I bought):
I obviously didn't pay attention to the end product when they covered taleggio on "Cheese Slices".

(I also spent $20 on parmagiano-reggiano.)



Peeboo said...
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Peeboo said...

I can understand $20 on parmagiano-reggiano, although all the bits I see at delis look really worse for wear. Get a good Balsamic vinegar as well.
Heaven on a stick.