Thursday, April 05, 2007

I hate CD reissues with bonus tracks + Mitch Easter solo album!

Don't you hate it when they reissue CDs you already have with bonus tracks?

All three of Let's Active's CDs have been re-released as collector's editions (or is that "collectors' editions"?) all with bonus tracks. I bought my Let's Active CDs 15 years ago, I don't want to buy them again.

Maybe, when they do these editions, they should put out one more CD, with just all of the bonus tracks on it. Nah, if they did that, they wouldn't get enough money out of the poor fanboy suckers.

In other Mitch Easter news, he's finally released his first solo album, "Dynamico". Mind you, the second and third Let's Active albums were pretty much solo albums anyway. There's a free track available here. Not surprisingly, it sounds very much like Let's Active with slightly better production.

Speaking of Let's Active, there's some interesting live stuff on YouTube. It's a shame that the audio doesn't sync well with the video.


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Beth said...

I'm one of those putzes considering rebuying the Let's Active CDs. I'm excited that Mitch Easter is touring; he's scheduled to play in Atlanta in early June, I believe.