Sunday, October 01, 2006

Qld Roar, Looking Very Poor

Or are Melbourne really that good?

They played us off the park: it's never good when it seems like there's twice as many of them as there are of you in the midfield.

What formation are we playing? This team is - formation-wise - unrecognisable from last week's team which played Adelaide off the park. Why don't we just play our own game instead of worrying about them? Bringing Murdocca on allowed them to have a bit more of their normal shape, except the defence then forgot what it was supposed to be doing.

We need Dilevski on more of the time. At least before the game is a lost cause.

The second penalty was crap. McLaren won the ball.

So back to my original two questions, I think it's a bit of both. We were poor and they were good. Remember, we were in close second after four rounds, but the teams that we'd played were in fifth to eighth at the end of round four. Since then, against the 'top' teams, we've won none, drawn one, lost one.


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