Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Drug-Sniffing Dogs - more false positives

The police did another one of their highly ineffective "harass the hippies" drug-sniffing dog sweeps in the Valley last weekend. Again, the police report a startling amount of false positives:
"During these searches the drug detection dogs indicated that 75 people had been in contact with or were at the time in possession of illicit drugs. From these indications 22 people were charged after they were found to have illicit drugs on them while a number of others admitted to police that they had consumed drugs earlier in the evening," Supt Carew said.
If all of the rest of the people had consumed drugs, then I wouldn't say there were false positives; but, if all the rest of the people said they'd consumed drugs then the police would have said so. They quite like giving exact numbers, even when it makes them look very bad.

This 30% success rate is even worse than last time.


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