Sunday, August 27, 2006

Weekend Update 060827

Queensland Roar 3 - Perth Glory 0
Phew! It was looking grim for a while there. Like last season, but worse. And Queensland gives up possession again.

All that time spent looking for strikers and none of them looked that hot in the first half; Milicic was fiddling around with it and never getting a clean shot in, Reinaldo looks more like a mid-fielder. And Queensland gives up possession again.

Seo didn't have a good night, we didn't control the ball in the mid-field at all; Wedau was invisible - so much for the "push button tempo controller" or whatever it was that Miron the Mouth called him in an interview I saw on Total Football the other day when I was away: Murdocca should be in the run-on side instead of him. And Queensland gives up possession again.

Although that might mean Massimo wouldn't be so fresh and able to slice through them at the end of the game like he did. Because until the fresh legs came on it looked like being another really bad night for the Roar. No one should really fail to beat Perth, given what's going on with them. Then we scored three goals in six minutes and all was forgiven.

Except by me: as you might have guessed, I thought we gave up possession far too easily, far too often.

Still, the Roar might end up at the top of the table after today's games, if no one else wins 3-0 or better. We were on top after the first round last year. Eventual position: 6th.

Taringa Rovers Falls at the Final Hurdle
There was an article in Saturday's paper about Taringa Rovers. Well, it was about the final weekend of the Premier League and how there were five teams going for four spots and all the permutations of what would happen if particular teams won or lost, but the headline was Last-ditch bid for Rovers, so I'm going to say it was about my old team, Taringa.

"Taringa, on 39 points, must beat third-placed Palm Beach today to cement its finals spot while Pine Rivers can also jump into finals contention witha win over Brisbane City. "

Pine Rivers did (2-0), Taringa didn't (0-3), so they ended up fifth, one place better than last year, according to the Wiki.

The Premier League Reserves team won 2-0, but also ended up in 5th place.

Manchester United Top of the Table (after three games)
...though Chelsea haven't played their third, yet.

Still, they've got a goal difference of +8 (10 for, 2 against) and only one of those three games was played at home, so things are looking good.

I know it's early in the season; but, it's never bad to go out to a commanding lead early.


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