Saturday, August 12, 2006

Misc Week ending 060813

Damn 'drafts' folder. I lose stuff in there. Here's something I wrote last weekend...

Queensland Roar lost to Melbourne in their pre-season match 4-2 on penalties after a 0-0 draw.

Bojinka! Imagine if this had happened 11 years ago... Oh, it did?

Taringa Rovers plays the Brisbane Strikers tomorrow.

People analysing those search terms that AOL released have found some interesting patterns.

The Souths-Logan Magpies play Toowoomba today, but the score isn't up on the QRL's website yet. It looks like we're going to be the TV game next week - there's only ever one game played at 2pm on a Saturday. Yep, a troll through the ABC program guide confirms it.

White guys on the Down Low?

The results are on now: Souths-Logan got thumped by Toowoomba 48-22. Mind you, Toowoomba are the Broncos' reserve team, so I didn't expect any different.


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Syme said...

be nice to the drafts folders.

They are a life saver as I migrate all my old posts over to my new blog - I'm saving the old ones as dfats so I know what I've done - and's as tedious as it sounds...